Author of standard references: Dr. Schüler has written eight biotech industry reports and a Springer text book about the topic

„It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.“

Albert Einstein

This Einstein quote sums up my "attitude" quite well, what is evident in my interdisciplinarity, which unites the following aspects.


  • Biology | industrial master thesis in protein engineering
  • Business Administration | doctorate in technology management
  • Analysis | certified biotechnology analyst
  • Communication | certificate in public relations


It all started in 1989/90 with research for my master thesis in the first genetic engineering laboratory of what was then Hoechst AG (now Sanofi) in Frankfurt.  My project had something to do with the industrial production of sweetener (genetic optimization of an needed enzyme).


My interest in the economic aspects of biotechnology was aroused. I wanted to know more about it. After postgraduate studies in business administration in selected subjects, I wrote a dissertation on "Strategic Technology Management in Biotechnology. Analysis and conception of bio-innovations".  The key question: How can affected industries manage the emergence of new technologies in order to survive a change?


Dissertation 1996

Text book 2016

Textbook reviews (in German)
BIOPRO | Rating Evidence | Other

Last, I summarized my expertise in the book “Die Biotechnologie-Industrie”, almost 450 pages published by Springer in spring 2016.


A new book project is just starting, it will be about the subject  "Biotech Financing".

For almost 10 years, I worked at auditing and consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) as an industry analyst. Starting 2001, I accompanied the emergence of the German biotech industry through the "German Biotechnology Report", which I established in eight editions.

Today, industry, investors, politicians and the press still regard the report as a standard work. Design and programming of a database, primary and secondary research, data analysis, writing as well as project management were in my hands. Moreover, I presented at press conferences (e.g. TV report) and at specially organized roadshows

    Starting in 2004, I also monitored the European biotech industry and contributed to "Beyond Borders", EY's Global Biotechnology Report.


    Besides writing the European chapter, I provided data, partly as result of global online surveys, as we also integrated US biotech companies into our database from 2006 onwards. I also presented these results at press conferences (example TV report) and roadshows.


    • BIO. ASPEKTE | Insights into BIOTECH (Frankfurt 2020–)

    • BioMedServices | Research, analysis, studies, articles, dossiers, concepts, business plans, marketing, public & investor relations (Mannheim | Darmstadt | Frankfurt 2011–)

    • University of Applied Sciences Mannheim | Lecturer for „bioeconomy“: business administration for biotech master students (Mannheim 2011–2015)

    • BioRN Network e.V. | Managing Director of BioRegion Heidelberg-Ludwigshafen-Mannheim (Heidelberg 2009–2010)

    • EY (Ernst & Young) | Biotech industry analyst, last level senior manager (Mannheim 2001–2009)

    • BioMedServices | Foundation & freelance activities, see above (Erlangen 1996–2000)



    • EuropaBio & WifOR | Measuring the Economic Footprint of the Biotechnology Industry in Europe | Co-Author Feb 2021

    • Wiley textbook | An Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology | Chapter on "Industrial Application: Biotech Industry, Markets, and Opportunities" | Ed. Michael Wink | Feb 2021

    • acatech | Innovation potentails of biotechnology (in German) | Ed. German Academy of Technical Sciences 2017 | interview contribution

    • Going Public Magazine | Happy Birthday and a "Stay tuned"! (Biotech Industry in Germany) | Special Issue Biotechnology Sep 2016

    • Journal of Commercial Biotechnology | Biopharmaceutical Startup's Need of a Regulatory Strategy | May 2016

    • EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht | 5 years of AMNOG - a synopsis of background, facts, positions and arguments | Final Thesis Mar 2016

    • Springer textbook | The Biotechnology Industry. An introductory, overview and reference work | Feb 2016

    • Going Public Magazine | Who's going to pay for it, who ordered it?  | Personalized Medicine Life Sciences Series No. 1 | Mar 2014

    • MIG AG | Performance Report 2011 | Appendix to the Performance Report - Presentation of MIG Portfolio Companies | Jun 2012

    • IK Heidelberg | BIOASPEKTE - A communication concept for the implementation of a campaign with the aim of promoting public interest and awareness for the economic use of biotechnology | Final Thesis Aug 2011

    • Going Public Magazine | Life Science M&A back on track | Jul 2011 issue

    • Wiley textbook | Molecular Biotechnology | Chapter on "Economic Perspectives of Molecular Biotechnology, Industrial Implementation (Biotech Industry, Markets and Opportunities) | Ed. Michael Wink | Jan 2011

    • EY German Biotechnology Report | From "New Opportunities" to "Financing Pitfall" | 2002 to 2009

    • Going Public Magazine | Light on the Horizon | German and European Biotech Financing under the Microscope | Jul 2007 issue

    • DVFA | Life Sciences on the Capital Market | Chapter "Specific Valuation Criteria for Technology and Service Providers" | Sep 2005

    • Börsenzeitung | Situation of the German VC industry significantly worse than in Europe | Feb 2004

    • Journal of Commercial Biotechnology | Commercial biotechnology in Germany: An overview | Jun 2003

    • Börsenzeitung | Increased intra-German M&A activity expected | May 2001

    • Commemorative Innovative Management | Economic Assessment of the Potential of Biotechnology | Ed. Enno Weiß | Sep 1998

    • Dissertation | Strategic Technology Management in Biotech | Sep 1996

    • Diploma thesis | Investigations on targeted mutants of the protease thermolysin from Bacillus thermoproteolyticus rokko | Mar 1990


    • EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht | Qualification as Market Access Manager (Oestrich-Winkel 2015/16)

    • University Duisburg-Essen | Trainings in "Accelerating Time to Market" & "Drug Development for Market Access" (Limburg & Ingelheim 2014 & 2015) 

    • UMIT University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology | Certificate Introduction to HTA (Hall i.T./Österreich 2013)

    • IK Heidelberg | Certificate  PR-Consultant (Heidelberg 2010/11)

    • German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management | Qualification as Certified Biotechnology Analyst  (Frankfurt 2000)

    • Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg | Chair for Industrial Management (Prof. Dr. Werner Pfeiffer): Dissertation on the subject "Strategic Technology Management in Biotech" (Nuremberg 1993–1996)

    • Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg | Postgraduate Studies (selected courses) in Business Administration (Nuremberg 1990–1992)

    • Hoechst AG | Master Thesis in Protein Engineering  (Frankfurt 1989/90)

    • Hoechst AG (today Sanofi) | Internships in Central Research Department (Frankfurt 1987/88)

    • Universities Bayreuth & Erlangen-Nuremberg | Studies in biology (Bayreuth & Erlangen 1984–1990)

    • Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium Erlangen | Baccalaureate (Erlangen 1984)

    "You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment."
    Alvin Toffler

    My work is based on this maxim. Information alone does not mean insight. It is important to filter trustworthy and relevant content. I succeed in this due to many years of experience in various fields. I see myself as a generalist specializing in biotech


    As a person, I am curious, open, authentic, honest and with integrity.
    I value lifelong learning and am able to combine conceptual / theoretical with practical. Not least due to my experience in managing a "family business" (full time working mum with 2 children), I am organizationally skilled and very resilient.     


    Professional and personal skills


    • Research & analysis: data & information (industry, market & competition, strategy & metrics, technology & products).

    • Structuring & getting to the point

    • Writing & presenting: articles, studies, concepts, dossiers, presentations & lectures

    • Experienced in stakeholder relations (customers, investors, public) & marketing

    • Managing projects in virtual, international & cross-functional teams

    • Establishing & maintaining contacts & networks

    • Independent & targeted familiarization with new issues, persistent & creative

    • Quality-oriented work with a view from the detail to the whole and outside the box



    The German Biotechnology Industry Association


    • Communication & Public Relations (2010– | co-head 2016–)
    • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Jobs (2016–)
    • Health policy (2012–)
    • Technology Transfer (2010–2014)
    • German-US-American Cooperation (2004–2010)

    The German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management





    • Commission Life Sciences (2004–2017)