"An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin


My offer on that is aimed primarily at


  • Investors seeking external biotech expertise as they do not have it inhouse but want to get into the sector.


  • Biotech companies looking for increased investor attention and thus would like to optimize their equity story.


  • Medium-sized and large companies that want to venture into the future field and ask themselves: "What is our bio strategy?"


And finally, I offer press, politicians and interested laypersons the option of becoming more familiar with the sector.

To this end, I regularly publish articles and overviews in my blog, some of which take up topics from my book.


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More Background on offer

Biotech is a very complex field. However, the association of biology with "flowers and bees", which still sometimes occurs, no longer does justice to modern biology. Rather, based on the elucidation of molecular principles, it has become a science of the future


Its industrial application makes it currently a high and key technology. Anglo-Saxon investors call this deep tech. In some sectors, biotech also has the disruptive potential to generate new innovations. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, is already affected by this, especially in connection with the use of digital technologies. 


Understanding biotech is a challenge nowadays, as much of it has not been taught at all or not comprehensively in school. In addition, there is the constant advancement of knowledge, which simply is very complex overall.

Would you like more insights?


Get in contact with me, I will give you understandable explanations or hints. In addition, we are currently developing the project Biotech.College, which will offer educational courses on "Insights into Biotech".

As already mentioned, biotech is a complex field in itself. In addition, the industry - like probably every industry - has its own framework conditions and rules. These differ depending on the biotech application area.


The following are roughly differentiated in industry jargon: 


  • Red Biotech: applications in pharmaceuticals, medicine or health care 
  • White Biotech: industrial production of (fine) chemicals (including fuels) and food
  • Green Biotech: applications in agriculture 

Regulatory requirements for market approvals of products are highest in red and green biotech, for example. In white biotech, cost criteria and market acceptance still play a major role. However, the latter is also the decisive issue in green biotech.


Grasping industry therefore means knowing specifics and assessing their relevance and influence on investment decisions. Assessing challenges and risks are not foreign words for investors. And isn't every entrepreneur an investor in his own ideas and abilities?

Would you like more insights?


We have extensive experience on industry characteristics, not least through our wide and strong network. We are currently preparing Biotech.Script, analyses on key players and developments. We also offer analyses tailored to your challenges.


Please contact us, we will be happy to address your questions in this regard.


In addition to its complexity, the biotech sector, like for example medical research in general, is developing ever faster. While knowledge doubled in fifty years in 1950, in seven years in 1980 and in just under four years in 2010, experts estimate that this will only take a fifth of a year in 2020.

At the same time, this means the constant emergence of technological improvements. For investors, but also for companies themselves, the question arises for example which of these innovations - as opposed to a "one-hit wonder" - have broad applications (technology platforms). Also, the selection of "real" innovations or future-relevant areas is crucial. 


Identifying trends is therefore an important prerequisite for betting on the right or best horse. This applies to investors and companies alike.

Would you like more insights?


We continuously monitor and "evaluate" technologies and the market. The goal is to look for and find early and broad technologies respectively fields with development and implementation potential.


This is what we are striving for in our Biotech.Maps project. If you would like to learn more please contact us .


Even if trends have been spotted, there may be different options, i.e. providers or solutions. To decide on the best alternative, an overview and comparison is beneficial. But again, what criteria to use for this?


It is crucial to identify the relevant competition, be it technologies, products or companies. These do not always have to be in the same area or market. So it can sometimes be helpful to abstract one level "higher" and analyze functions that a technology or product fulfills. Isn't there something else, not so obvious, that serves the same function?


Connecting options means for investors to identify different investment alternatives and to select the most promising ones. For companies, it would mean finding an investor or possibly a partner. Against the background of competition it could also be the decision which projects or which technologies offer the best strategic options.

Would you like more insights?


We continuously identify and sort investment alternatives, the competition as well as industry participants. In addition to building a database, this includes participation in relevant conferences and active involvement in relevant networks.


This puts us in a position to designate the "right" options for you and then connect you with them. We consider these activities as Biotech.Match. It would be great if you would also become part of this community, just join us!